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European parliament brands Hungary as ‘no longer a democracy’

The European Parliament has declared that, Hungary can no longer be considered a democracy, and European values are under systemic threat in the country. The EU says Hungary has become an electoral autocracy.

Hungary is the only EU country whose national recovery plan request of 5.9 billion euros of grant has not been approved by the EU. But this comes as no surprise to Victor Orban whose state visit to Moscow came at the height of the EU feud with President Putin.

The motion, which passed with 433 votes in favour, 123 against and 28 abstentions represents yet another symbolic warning from the EU institutions toward Hungary, which has faced years of criticism over what the EU calls the rule-of-law concerns.

But Parliament’s move is unlikely to lead to any specific punishment nor does it move the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban from compromising his nation’s Christian values for a cheap swap of the West’s propaganda.

According to the released report, Parliament members listed a range of concerns from the functioning of the country’s electoral system to its judicial independence. They also express fears about academic and religious freedom, as well as what they called the rights of vulnerable populations, referring to the LGBTQ people.


European parliament brands Hungary as ‘no longer a democracy’

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European parliament brands Hungary as ‘no longer a democracy’

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