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Absurd: Dutch city bans meat advertising

The Netherlands falsely claims animal foods cause climate change 

Haarlem, a Dutch city located not far from Amsterdam towards the North Sea, is implementing new restrictions against meat advertising, claiming that animal foods contribute to global warming and climate change.

The first city in the world to do such a thing, Haarlem has decided that residents should never be allowed to see billboards promoting hamburger, for instance, because then they will eat more of these things and harm the environment.

Haarlem’s meat advertising ban was concocted by GroenLinks, a green political party in The Netherlands. The Netherlands makes it sound as though the freedom to advertise meat in public somehow constitutes an official government endorsement of meat.

This same false and deceptive framing is often used by prohibitionists, by the way, to justify restricting people’s freedoms with “controlled substances.” Citing the United Nations, Groenlinks falsely claims that meat is generating more than 14 percent of all manmade “greenhouse gases” in the world, including methane, aka cow flatulence.

Herman Bröring, a law professor at the University of Groningen, also said that prohibition of meat advertising could be a transgression of freedom of expression, and that many lawsuits are likely to be filed against the city of Haarlem for allowing this.

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