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Central bank digital currencies are a centralised, consolidated power

CBDC’s also known as Central bank digital currency. Think centralised, consolidated power, but with infinite digital‘printing’ of money, real-time monitoring of all transactions, everywhere, all at once, all of the time. Imagine programmable money that ‘expires’ if you don’t consume fast enough as a consumer.

Imagine being locked out of your digital wallet for not being a good citizen, for eating too unhealthily, for criticising the government online, for running a red light, or for not taking the latest experimental gene therapy, the Covid 19 vaccine.

A vast swathe of countries are jumping onboard this bullet train, that has a final destination of total monetary enslavement, dictating the extent to which an individual can partake in everyday society.

Absolute control over what you are able to spend your ‘money’ on, where you are able to spend it, how often you are granted spending ‘indulgences’ like coffee and cheeseburgers, all tied up in a nice little bow of social credit score ratings and carbon footprint tracking.

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