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Delusive: Google teams up with UN for verified climate information

The UN, in April announced that it had partnered with Google to push the Millions of people around the world to get information about the delusive climate change. They state that when users search for “climate change,” they will find authoritative information from the United Nations in 12 languages.

They further state that In addition to organic search results, Google is surfacing short and easy-to-understand information panels and visuals on the causes and effects of climate change, as well as individual actions that people can take to help tackle the climate crisis.

In his 2021 report, Our Common Agenda, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for tackling the “infodemic” of misinformation plaguing the world and proposed introducing a global code of conduct that promotes integrity in public information and facts and science in public discourse.

Melissa Fleming, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications says that they are happy to collaborate with Google to ensure that factual, trustworthy content about climate change is available to as wide a global audience as possible.

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