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Biden sends $7.5 Million tax dollars to Soros-backed activist group suing desantis

The puppet masters that pull Joe Biden’s strings were just exposed for funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into a phony covid scamdemic relief effort that culminated with a lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Back in February 2021, the Biden regime’s CDC sent $7.5 million to Alianza Americas, a George Soros-backed “pro-migrant” organization that promised to use the money to support Latinx essential workers as health promoters, as well as to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate impacts among Latinx and Latin American immigrants.

Instead, Alianza Americas held on to the cash and is now using it to sue DeSantis. Alianza Americas, via its advocacy law firm Lawyers for Civil Rights, did claim that its lawsuit intends to deal with DeSantis’ “inhumane” treatment of the migrants, which were ultimately treated to a vacation in one of the Northeast’s most desirable vacation destinations.

The CDC grant is another example of Biden abusing tax dollars to promote illegal immigration and to enrich his liberal friends, under the guise of increasing ‘awareness’ of an emergency even Biden admitted is over. According to the lawsuit, DeSantis “intentionally targeted only individuals who are non-white and born outside the United States.

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