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Deadly Globalist Scam: ‘Global warming to alternative energy sources, it’s all one big hoax’

A recent World Climate Declaration, signed by 1,100 scientists, has made the rounds on social media, claiming that there is no climate emergency. But a 2019 Cornell University study found that 99.9 percent of studies agree that humans have caused climate change.

However, more and more scientists are speaking out to declare that the whole climate change narrative is based upon faulty science and incorrect modeling. Tom Harris, the executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition, based in Ottawa, is one of them.

He describes himself as changing “from a climate alarmist to a climate realist.”  Harris asserts that the 1.2-degree temperature rise and the change in carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide levels worldwide since 1880 are minor and do not represent a threat to the planet. But the City of Ottawa, Canada used these measures to declare a climate emergency.

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