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CDC confirms aluminum in vaccines linked to childhood asthma and autism

A new study funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that aluminum compounds found in childhood vaccines are linked to an array of illnesses, including neurological disorders, asthma, and the big one that has been a debate for over 20 years: autism.

Though the study’s authors tried their best to minimize the link, they were unable to sidestep a “positive association” between “vaccine-related aluminum exposure” and “persistent asthma” in children aged 24-59 months. Overall, children in the study who received 3 milligrams (mg) or more of vaccine-related aluminum had a 36 percent higher risk than children who took other vaccines to develop persistent asthma.

Note that a true vaccine-free placebo was not used in the study so as to make aluminum appear less damaging than it actually is. Had the study authors compared vaccinated children to unvaccinated children, the health risks associated with aluminum exposure would have been even more striking.

Some 326,991 children born between 2008 and the end of 2014 were jabbed at one of seven different sites across the United States that participate in the Vaccine Safety Data-link, a network of health providers partnered with the CDC.

Researchers gathered this data then looked at aluminum exposure in comparison to eczema prevalence. Daley and his colleagues then looked to see how many jabs each child received before age two, as well as aluminum exposure. Using these data points, they were able to make an assessment of disease risk in correlation to the amount of aluminum injected in a child’s body.

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