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President Clinton: Human cloning (1997)

Different countries have banned human cloning and some of the U.S states have passed their own laws banning human cloning, but Congress never reached a consensus.

In 2001, former President George W. Bush banned the use of government funds for most embryonic stem cell research, which was considered to apply to cloning as well.

President Barack Obama later lifted the ban on embryonic stem cell research but said he would ensure the government would not open the door to the use of cloning for the creation of another person. Since the U.S. ban was lifted, two different teams of scientists have reported successful cloning of human cells.

It is said that even without federal law, Food and Drug Administration officials have some authority to put a stop to human cloning if it occurs. They can investigate allegations of the procedure because researchers aren’t allowed to experiment on people with a new drug or device without the FDA’s approval.

That doesn’t mean some people haven’t tried. A U.S. biotech company once known as Advanced Cell Technology tried to clone humans during the 2000s but was not successful, and several scientists over the years have claimed to clone humans but have not proved it.

In 2002, a religious sect in the U.S. claimed to have cloned a girl named Eve and 12 other humans but never offered any evidence. But it has been reported that some military underground centres have been carrying human cloning but no one has been able to prove these claims, but the Covid-19 has proved how cruel governments can be.

Can one really trust that the same people behind the Covid-19 propaganda can really shy away from human cloning?

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