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Former President Zuma might come back as ANC leadership

On the 26th of September South Africa learnt that former President Zuma is keen to come back to ANC as the party’s chairperson.

But some note that the series of corruption charges against the former President could prevent from running for the ANC position. The party’s electoral guidelines published in August say that anybody charged with or found guilty of unethical or immoral conduct, serious crime or corruption cannot be elected.

The division within the ANC has been apparent as different members back the candidate of their choice: The provincial chairperson, Siboniso Duma, is in full support of former President Zuma, the position is contested with the likes of the country’s former Health Minister Zweli Mkhize who is embroiled in the Digital Vibes scandal. Not only has that but President Ramaphosa has been facing calls to step down especially after the Phala-Phala farm scandal.

Former President Zuma might come back as ANC leadership

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