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Famous actor Kirk Cameron defends faith, God and family in his new kids’ book

52 years old American actor, Kirk Cameron famously known for acting on a TV Sitcom, “Growing Pains” is known today as an activist for his faith, God and family.

The 52 year old wrote a book dedicated to children which conveys his beliefs and values. His book titled “As you grow” was published on the 1st of December, he said to reporters that the purpose of the book is to “fight back”, against a toxic and dangerous culture for America’s kids.

Kirk said, “We’re seeing that the education of children is critically important for the future,” he said. “And the indoctrination of children into bad and dangerous ideas is spelling disaster for our children’s future.”

He continued to say “… as Bibles are literally being removed from schools and libraries; and as Christianity, and faith, and the Ten Commandments are being taken out of schools and replaced with toxic ideas like transgenderism, CRT and the 1619 project, I’m looking to fight back.”

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