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Florida pulls $2 Billion in investments from Blackrock for pushing ESGs

The state of Florida in the US is withdrawing a whopping $2 billion in assets from the world’s top investment manager BlackRock, due to the company’s promotion of left-wing agenda items through divisive Environmental, Social, and Governance scores.

The divestment appears to be the largest to date from a Republican state government as BlackRock continues to take hits for its increasingly unpopular promotion of ESG. ESG scores are designed to promote investment in companies that advance left-wing social justice goals, including “renewable energy,” an racial “equity.” Whatever that means.

BlackRock has openly incorporated ESG principles, particularly focusing on environmental causes, and also promised to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by leveraging its “ESG-focused financial products.” The World Economic Forum, an infamous proponent of mandatory vaccination and lockdowns, widespread abortion access, and the “Great Reset” of society, is listed as one of BlackRock’s “key diversity partners.”

Earlier this year, the firm announced it was launching an effort to help “streamline and standardise ESG data,” with a goal of “reaching over 70,000 private companies.” Florida Governor Ron Desantis breaks down how the ESGs are used to give immense power to corporations.

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