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Hungary is pushing back against the EU’s radical gender ideology

The Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union is condemning Hungary for once again resisting the will of the majority at ongoing talks in Montreal being held from December 7th to December 19th for the UN Biodiversity Conference, COP15.

In an official letter sent to ambassadors from all 27 member states, they warned that “the bloc’s global leadership on gender issues risked being undermined by the anti-transgender position of ‘one delegation.’” And that one delegation is Hungary.

That “global leadership,” in this context, is accepting that the transgender ideology is a fact and therefore recognize it as such in formal documents. The Czech presidency wanted what they called “inclusive language” in the COP15 talks, referring to “all genders” and “women and girls in all their diversity.”

The choice of language by the Czech presidency was apparently supported by a “clear majority” of the EU member states during a meeting on December 7.


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