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Shocking super smart city plan: The real reason for war on Dutch farmers

The Globalist plans are to make a super smart city taking over the whole of the Netherlands, parts of Germany & Belgium too, all under the pretence of alleged damage to the environment from Nitrogen! Trudeau in Canada has identical plans.

A group of institutional investors in the Netherlands have joined forces to present the Netherlands plus parts of Belgium and Germany as a single city network named Tristate City. The project, backed by Dutch employers’ organisation VNO-NCW, says the region’s population of 30 million people creates a ‘sustainable urban power house’.

The project’s supporters include property developers and pension funds as well as Utrecht’s economic board. Dutch cities, the organisation says, are too small to compete in what it calls the ‘battle of the cities’, in which mega cities compete for investment and talent.

By treating the Netherlands as an urbanised delta with 17 million inhabitants, the project’s supporters say that are creating a very strong player in this ‘battle of the titans.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Hague are also part of another project known as the Holland Metropole in which the big four cities present themselves as single urban area with four centres each with their own speciality.

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