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The trans agenda: Man faces criminal charges for saying he left gay lifestyle on TV

Ex-Gay Man, Matthew Grech from Malta faces charges for sharing his testimony about finding freedom in Christ.

Grech faces criminal charges for allegedly promoting what they call ‘conversion practices’ in his own country during an online interview about how he chose to leave his former homosexual lifestyle after finding salvation in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because he testified on TV that Jesus changed his life and he no longer practised homosexuality, he could potentially go to jail for up to 5 months and be fined over $5,000. The televison station he was on has also been charged.

Malta forbids what they call “conversion therapy” for all people of all ages, if someone who was once gay decides that they want to leave that lifestyle, they are forbidden. In fact, they will throw in a little punishment for your choice to tell others about your choice to leave the homosexual community.


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