Experts say AFCFTA key in continent’s economic growth

As Africa tries to recover from the global economic crisis, experts say the single market under the African Continental Free Trade Area could help countries on the continent grow their economies.

The AfCFTA secretariat says AfCFTA is committed to making the intra-Africa trade deal a success as industry players convened in Ghana for the first edition of the Africa Prosperity Dialogues.

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) could deliver far greater benefits in terms of jobs, growth, and poverty reduction than previously estimated – making it a potential game changer for Africa’s economic development if its ambitious goals are fully realized.

The deal creates a continent-wide market embracing 55 countries with 1.3 billion people and a combined GDP of US$3.4 trillion. African leaders have a chance through this initiative to take back their power from colonization and build Africa for Africans.

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