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Ahead visit to DR Congo, Pope Francis denounces colonialist mentally towards Africa

Few days ago in an exclusive interview about his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, Pope Francis denounced a “colonialist mentality” of the international community toward Africa.

But campaigns for homosexuality in the content, as he called for African leaders, including Church leaders to open up their countries and their children to the practice of homosexuality- not to mind what God says about it. Francis is due to arrive in the capital of Congolese Kinshasa today for a three-day visit.

Pope Francis has criticised laws that criminalise homosexuality as unjust, saying God loves all his children just as they are, and calling on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ+ people into the church.

Francis’s remarks came ahead of his trip to the continent, where such laws are common, as they are in the Middle East. The West believes that these anti-homosexuality laws here in Africa date from British colonial times or are inspired by Islamic law- which is not true, because Africans know what is right or wrong.

The Vatican now calls for them to be overturned claiming that they are a violation of basic human dignity.

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