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Former CNN President ordered network to avoid discussing covid lab leak theory

U.S. Gov’t says Covid most likely originated from Wuhan lab leak 

The failing cable news network has billed itself as “the most trusted name in news,” but CNN is anything but honest when it comes to dealing with the lab leak theory behind the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In the early months of the scamdemic, former network president Jeff Zucker refused to allow any reporting on the lab leak theory because he felt as though it was a “Trump talking point.”

Even after FBI Director Christopher Wray, the United States Department of Energy (DoE) and other government entities began warming up to the idea that covid did not originate in bat soup as was originally claimed, Zucker dug his heels in and avoided all reporting on the subject.

Meanwhile, during an interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who we recently learned ordered the fabrication of the ‘Proximal Origins’ paper ruling out the lab-leak, CNN’s John Vause called the lab-leak theory “misinformation.”

Bill Gates, on the other hand Dismisses the COVID Lab Leak Theory & Warns of Coming ‘Unnatural Epidemics’. Senator Jim Jordan says Fauci Organized Conference Call to Downplay Lab Leak Theory on COVID-19.

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