South Africa: DA launches Election 2024 registration posters

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has launched its 2024 voter registration campaign ahead of next year’s national and provincial government elections, with the first wave of the party’s registration posters under the slogan ‘Register to Rescue South Africa’. The DA has warned that the African National Congress (ANC) will remain in power if opposition voters do […]

W.H.O says climate action must respond to extreme weather driving health crisis

In another push for their climate change agenda, the bogus World Health Organization has said that Floods, wildfires, drought and the onslaught of extreme weather are driving a global health crisis that must be put at the centre of climate action. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke at a New York climate week event on links […]

Nigerian Naira plunges to record low against U.S. dollar

According to traders, Nigeria’s naira hit a record low on the black market on Tuesday of 1,000 to the dollar, with unmet foreign-currency demand on the official market and speculation adding to downward pressure. The black-market naira rate was trading at a nearly 30% premium over the official exchange rate. The official selling rate stood […]

International bodies hail progress towards justice in 2009 massacre trial

Rights activists and a number of organisations and countries have hailed the progress made towards justice in Guinea for the victims of a 2009 massacre. Representatives of the United Nations, West African bloc ECOWAS, the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom on Thursday issued a collective statement welcoming the progress made in […]

Poilievre: Trudeau seen as “clown” after Canada House Speaker resigns over Nazi unit veteran tribute

Speaking in Ottawa on Thursday, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a delayed apology, after House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota resigned for a Sept. 22 parliamentary tribute to a Ukrainian man who was revealed to have fought with a Nazi unit in the Second World War. Government House Leader Karina […]

Worldview Special Edition with Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako

Yvonne Katsande is joined by Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako who is the President of Ambazonian Interim Government in exile and the servant leader of the peoples of Southern Cameroon during this time of war. He is also an ordained Pastor and Minister of the gospel.

Has Vaccine mRNA entered the food supply via GMO plants or vaccinated livestock?

Vaccines have entered the food chain through plants genetically modified to carry COVID-19 vaccine ingredients, and that vaccines have entered the food chain through meat due to the fact that livestock, they say, are now vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. Gene editing is now officially in the meat industry, lobbyists for the cattlemen and pork associations […]

Ahead of a vote in Eswatini, Africa’s last absolute monarchy, some lack hope

The last absolute monarchy in Africa, the Kingdom of Eswatini, will hold parliamentary elections today, with political parties banned from contesting. The constitution emphasises “individual merit” as the basis for selecting lawmakers, who cannot be affiliated with any political group. Being in the good graces of King Mswati III, who wields absolute power, also carries […]