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A U.S county pays

A U.S county pays $750,000 to families whose unvaccinated kids were barred from school

More people are awakening to the deadly child vaccines & are now extricating themselves by suing governments. A New York County late last week finally paid $750,000 to Families Whose Unvaccinated Kids Were Barred from School during Measles Outbreak. Rockland County’s 2019 emergency order prohibited children without measles vaccinations, including those with religious exemptions, from […]

Absurd! Hotez says

Absurd! Hotez says ‘diseases X’ to be worse than Covid

Children in Kenya got vaccinated with the world’s first WHO recommended malaria vaccine, RTS, S vaccine, one of the three pilot countries that participated in the Malaria vaccine implementation program. At least 17 people died of anthrax in a southern Ugandan district in November, according to local reports, adding that “the situation is under control”. […]

Globalist Tony Blair

Globalist Tony Blair admits Digital ID is about the ability to force vaccinate the population

Mystery pneumonia is sweeping over China causing people to overwhelm hospitals just in time for the 2024 election. Chinese officials are now encouraging people to wear masks, social distance and stay at home. China’s health ministry is downplaying the sickness, saying the uptick in cases was caused by the “flu and other known pathogens.” Tony […]

Australian regulators back Pfizer

Australian regulators back Pfizer, Moderna vaccines for ‘Kraken’ VARIANT

Australia will offer new COVID-19 vaccines targeting the XBB.1.5 variant of Omicron, otherwise known as the Kraken, according to an announcement from federal Health Minister Mark Butler. The government approved the monovalent vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna on Nov. 20 based on advice from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). In a statement, […]

Pfizer to shut down two facilities amid major cost cuts

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer confirmed it will be closing down two of its facilities in North Carolina amid a cost-cutting initiative after it revealed that sales of its COVID-19 vaccine and other products would see a drop. The company told multiple local media outlets that it would be closing its sites in Durham and Morrisville, saying […]

Bill Gates pushes Digital

Bill Gates pushes Digital ID for newborns in Kenya

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is continuing its global push to support it’s so called government-backed digital ID programs, this time setting its sights on Kenya, where it will advise the government on that country’s “Maisha Namba” digital ID initiative currently under development. According to a Kenyan news agency, Gates’ role in assisting the […]

Pierre Poilievre

Pierre Poilievre goes on the offensive against vaccine mandates.

Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre picked up on Bill C-278, an act to prevent the imposition by the federal government of vaccination mandates for employment and travel, and accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of ignoring health experts for the sake of his political gain. Poilievre further accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “exploiting” […]

Health Canada

Health Canada confirms undisclosed presence of DNA sequence in Pfizer

Health Canada’s startling admission confirms secret DNA contamination discovered in Covid-19 vaccines Health Canada has confirmed the presence of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which the manufacturer had not previously disclosed. There is debate among scientists with regards to the significance of the finding, with some saying it […]

World council for health expert panel finds cancer promoting DNA contamination in Covid-19 vaccines

International expert panel concludes that Covid vaccines are contaminated with foreign DNA and that SV40, a cancer-promoting genetic sequence has been found in the vaccines. The Biden Administration is rewriting the history of COVID. Recently, the head of OSHA claimed that they didn’t demand that anyone be fired despite issuing a worker vaccine mandate for […]

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