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Russian electoral authority officially declares Putin winner in presidential poll

Russian electoral authority officially declares Putin winner in Presidential poll

On Thursday, the Russian electoral authority officially ratified the results of the 2024 presidential election, declaring the incumbent President Vladimir Putin as the victor, with 76.3 million individuals expressing their confidence in his leadership. Ella Pamfilova, the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), announced during a press conference in Moscow that over 87.5 million […]

Senegal to hold delayed

Senegal to hold delayed presidential election on March 24

Senegal has announced a rescheduled presidential election set for March 24, following a ruling by the top court deeming a proposal to hold the vote after April 2 as unconstitutional. President Macky Sall’s mandate concludes on April 2. Originally slated for February 25, the election was postponed by President Sall, citing electoral disputes, which triggered […]

U.S eases sanctions

U.S eases sanctions on Venezuela after Election penned for 2024

The US and Venezuela have agreed to a deal in which the U.S eases oil sanctions and Venezuela holds elections under international supervision, media. After offloading the US’ Strategic Petroleum Reserves in his obsession with Russia, and continually disrupting the oil markets, Biden’s desperation shows at every turn. Additionally, Venezuela has been sponsored in its […]