Canada’s House of Commons speaker resigns over standing ovation for Nazi

Canada’s Speaker of the House of Commons has resigned over his chamber invitation to a man who fought for the Nazis in the Second World War. Anthony Rota announced he was stepping down from the position on Tuesday after meeting with leaders of all political parties following days of controversy. Canadian Parliament gives WWII Nazi […]

UN Secretary-General: Agenda 2030 in peril

United Nations globalists descended on New York City to attend the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Summit and devise a so called urgent plan to save Agenda 2030 because, according to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, the deeply unpopular globalist plot is in peril. This year’s two-day summit comes at the midpoint of the Agenda 2030 scheme, […]

Gizmodo was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas

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